Éclat Events

Run amazing events.

Whether you’re throwing the party or you’ve been invited to participate in one, events are a springboard and platform are vital to your survival—networking events, fundraising events, and opportunities to celebrate the milestones and those who make what you do possible everyday to name a few.  Running great events helps to build your brand and your credibility.  And as an added bonus events allow you to share your work culture and philosophy with the world—post photos from the events we plan for you on social media, brochures, business plans, and your website.

It’s hard to know the right things to say under pressure, especially in front of a crowd of people you need to impress.  If you’ve been invited to an event we’ll help you master your elevator pitch, or prepare the perfect podium speech, so you can develop relationships that turn into official meetings, new clients or new sources of funding.

Some examples of the events we can help with:


      Grand openings/Product launches

      Corporate events

      Stage Management

      Holiday Parties

      Hosting/Master of Ceremonies

      Guest Speaking/Presenter Opportunities

      Presentation Preparation

See what event we can plan for you. 

Your event, brilliantly executed.  Éclat Events.