You’re why we’re here.

You’re solving a world problem. We’re here to solve yours.

Starting and running a business shouldn’t be so hard. Figuring out taxes, finding office spaces (all the back office support needs really)…oh, and payroll and HR.  It’s like trying to juggle chainsaws on fire while blindfolded—you can’t see everything you need to and if you drop one you’re bound to get hurt.  But we like businesses, and we’re good at running them.  Business, and everything about it, is what gets our blood pumping.  So when we noticed our friends were coming to us often for advice on how-to “something” related to their business, we turned to one another and said, “By George, I think we’ve got it.”

Every idea starts with a problem.  Éclat Group, Inc. began out of a need to make things easy, and a passion and desire to help you boldly go where no one has gone before.  Since it’s founding in 2013, in San Francisco, we’ve become a worldwide company, serving customers all over the globe as startup consultants and business development experts.  Our story is one of experience, and the world of Éclat Group is one filled with people.  Visionary forward thinkers and entrepreneurs like you.

We believe that everyone should be able to get the help they need, when they need it.  As a startup, flexibility is key—hiring full time and for lifetime may not be the best answer for you.  You should be able to have an expert in your corner who specializes in your type of business when you need one (and off the payroll when you don't).  We’re like duct tape for your business: strong, durable, flexible, and removable.

As an innovator you dare to think ahead.  Fear can keep people in the status quo, which is by definition not an option in the world of a startup.  But having a good idea is just the first step.  So when you need help with steps 2 to 1 Million, come and knock on our door.

What it comes down to is the star of our story is really you.  Being an expert at your business, market, and industry is what we do, so you can succeed in what you do.  With Éclat Group, Inc. there’s nothing complicated about starting and running a business.  Because your business is our business. 

As a full-service business consultant and development company we’re here to help you at every stage of your journey.  So how can we help you?



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Our Values

  • Empathy

We walk a day in your shoes.  We pay close attention to the world around us, and what your individual challenges are.  We listen and respond to your needs.

  • Integrity

We want to always do right by you, as well as be socially and ethically responsible in the way we do business.

  • Innovation

All innovation begins with creative ideas. Innovation requires a fresh way of looking at things and understanding, and an entrepreneurial willingness to take risks and work hard.

  • Tech Savvy

We stay on top of industry trends in tech and your markets to help you reach your goals and business objectives.

Brilliant.  Success.  Éclat.